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Let me help you launch your event venue in the next 90 days!

Do you want to create a financial free lifestyle?


Are you serious about creating an additional stream of revenue?


Have you ever thought about owning your own event space?


Are you an planner, photographer, or designer interested in owning your own venue?


Ever thought about owning a photography content creation studio?

I want to take you step by step through launching and scaling your very own Event Venue business in the next 90 days sharing my "Insider Secrets" from 10 years of industry experience.


Meet Your Coach

Hello my loves, I’m Layllen. I am a John Maxwell certified Speaker, Author, and Coach; with sixteen-plus years of management, training, coaching, and corporate experience. I have always been passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, sharing my travel journey and collaborating with brands but what I am sure you are wondering is how I got started in the fabulous, creative, and lucartive world of events. Even more importantly, how did I open my own event venues?   


I grew up in Plano, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, and later moved to Hollywood, California to focus on tech and compliance. During my time as a consultant I primarily lived in hotels and fell in love with interior design. At the time, Airbnb was also a very lucrative industry so I had a few apartments I rented out. The money was good but I soon realized my earning potential was limited since I was only able to charge a few hundred dollars maximum per night. 


I also had a gorgeous loft apartment that I would create content in and host small gatherings. As I grew my network my friends and family would come visit and ask to shoot content in my place. That business took off and It soon replaced the income I was making from airbnb, and well the rest is history. 


At the beginning of the pandemic, I moved back to Dallas, Texas. I opened an event venue in Uptown Dallas, called L.A.Y.D. spaces, which stands for Live All Your Dreams. It is a full-service upscale intimate event venue which caters to clients in various industries. I went on to open two more locations throughout Dallas and focused on building my clientele. 


Have you always wanted to get involved in the exciting world fo events but don’t know where to start? Are you interested in adding an additional stream of revenue? Ready to change your life and create wealth? I have overcome trial and error, nightmare landlords, and even lost thousands of dollars when my event venue was suddenly shut down. Allow me to share my industry experience, help minimize your risk and find the perfect location so you can make all of your dreams come true.


That is why I am excited to bring you my Event Venue Academy!


"Over The Past 10 Years I've Taken My Passion And Turned It Into A Profit."


Helped clients bring their vision to life


Found unique creative locations.


Created all inclusive packages to increase my average booking by 50%


Attracted new clientele with events and mixers

I launched Event Venue Academy to take students step by step through finding the right location at the right price point in order to generate the most profit. 

My goal is to teach you how to find the right location and best way to present your business to prospective landlords.


You will learn all of my tools, systems, and expertise in order to successfully launch and scale your very own event venue.


What’s Inside The Event Venue Academy?

So glad you asked…


Mindset and Visualization

It truly takes the right mindset to be successful in the events industry. Learn what it takes to get clear on the goal, visualize, launch and scale your event venue in the next 90 days


Capital Is Key

Learn how much capital is involved in launching an event venue. I will teach you ways to raise funds, and provide examples of start-up costs from launching past venues. I will also teach you how to acquire small spaces and generate revenue.


Create Your Niche

Learn how to define your niche in the industry. I will share my knowledge on types of venues to open and ways to create a dual space that allows you to earn more revenue.


Target Market and Marketing

Learn how to strategically define your target market and create appealing social media content. I will share the best platforms to advertise and sign up with in order for you to stay booked. I will also share my secret for repeat bookings and organic growth from my events.


Recording Your Content

Location is the key to a successful event venue. I will show you how to find great locations that are not listed online. I will discuss the price per square footage and the types of buildings available for rent.


Create Of Certificate Occupancy, Permits Needed and Zoning

I will discuss how to apply for a Certificate of Occupancy and how to get around needing one. I will also share any special permits you may need and zoning to be aware of when looking for the ideal event venue.

Creating Your Sales Page


Landlords can make or break your event venue. I will teach you how to present your venue to your landlord in order to get approved. I will also share questions to ask and things to avoid when speaking to your landlord. A solid contract can help clearly define the terms of the booking. I will also share a copy of my contract.


Growing Your Email List

Learn exactly what type of staff is needed to run a successful event venue. Learn what I look for in an assistant, the best platforms to look for one, hiring part-time versus full-time, as well a virtual assistant versus in-person assistant.



Hiring the right cleaners are important and can help you successfully automate your business. Learn what platforms to look for cleaners on, find backup cleaners, communication tools to use with your cleaners, pricing your cleaners, and what cleaning supplies you should keep on hand in your venue at all times.


Package and Additional Services

All-inclusive packages are what helped me triple my bookings and become a one-stop shop for my clients. I will walk you through how to create all-inclusive packages, how to find and establish preferred vendors, negotiating pricing in order to increase profits, and pitching your packages to your clients.

Inventory, Cameras and Security


Learn what inventory and equipment are needed to start an event venue as well as items that can be purchased at a later date. Learn how to find the right items at a discounted price in order to keep start-up costs low. Having eyes on your venue can help provide peace of mind. Learn how to protect your investment, when and how to hire security, and other signage that needs to be visible throughout your event venue.


Launching Your Event Venue

In this module, I will provide a step-by-step guide to ensure you have everything you need to successfully launch your event venue.

"I'm looking for passionate individuals who want to make a difference and turn your dreams into reality."


Creating a life of financial freedom.

Low cost to entry.

Work full time or part time.

No experience necessary.

Turn your creativity into profit.

Help clients create long-lasting memories

Creating a life of financial freedom.

Meet amazing people while having a blast doing so


Past Clients Testimonials;


" Event Venue Academy has been pivotal in helping me gain a better understanding of the competitive event industry. I have been able to close the gaps between what I thought I knew and what it actually takes to successfully launch an event space."

- C.Brown


"I recently had the chance to work one on one with Layllen and it was an amazing experience. She is very professional and really listens to you. She taught me the step by step process to increasing my booking revenue through all inclusive packages."

- M.Franklin


"Layllen is one of the best event venue owners I’ve encountered in the industry.. She was very attentive, patient, ACCOMMODATING and friendly! She has a way of breaking things down that help you truly understand and apply the knowledge she provides. Her guidance was a key element to the success of my business.

- A. Ryan

What makes Event Venue Academy different from other courses?


Other Courses

Other trainings only give you the foundational tools to opening an event venue.

Event Venue Academy

Showing you how to create all-inclusive packages that double and even triple your bookings revenue


Other Courses

Other venues are strictly focusing on opening an event venue space.

Event Venue Academy

Event Venue Academy shows you how to turn your location into an Airbnb or content creation space in order to increase profit on slow days.


Other Courses

Where is the instructor? Is she going to show up? Do we ever get to speak to her? I haven’t heard from her since registration day.

Event Venue Academy

You will have access to a private facebook group where you can interact with other students, ask questions and receive feedback.


Here’s everything you’re going to get


​Live weekly coaching calls with Layllen

12 course modules

Detailed video lessons

Members-only Private Facebook group

Plus exclusive bonus content!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who this class is for?

This course is for anyone who has always wanted to open an event venue but unsure how or where to start.

When does the course start?

The course starts at the beginning of January.

How long will this course last?

The course will last 8 weeks.

Do I need to have prior experience or an existing business?

You do not need to have prior experience or industry knowledge but it is helpful. You also do not need to currently be involved int he event industry or have an established business.

Do I go through the course alone?

You will have modules that are released each week with the topics outlined in your syllabus. You will also have live weekly zoom calls with me until the course ends. You will have access to the course content and if you miss the zoom calls, they will be recorded and uploaded. 

What if I have questions?

If you have questions, there will be office hours in the facebook group. You can also email and submit questions via the weekly questionnaire form.

 Is this training online or in person?

The training is strictly online.

Does this course guarantee results?

This course is not a get rich quick scheme. In order to be successful you must watch the course, listen to the live or recorded zoom calls, and take action. I do not guarantee results since results are based on a number factors. It would be unethical for me to guarantee you earnings or results. 

What if I am unhappy with the course or my results do I get a refund?

This course is for anyone who has always wanted to open an event venue but unsure how or where to start.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to the course for one year. I want you to execute and take action on the information provided and find that deadlines create a sense of urgency.


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DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. The sales figures stated on this landing page and discussed in this training are outlier earnings, and are not guaranteed results for everyone. We are not guaranteeing that you’ll duplicate them, or do anything for that matter. Your results will vary depending on your work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT ATTEND THIS TRAINING.

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